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Smithfield Learning Center

Our vision

We are committed to helping children reach  their highest potential.

Since our inception 2010, Smithfield Learning Center has always put the education and care of our students first while providing an alternative to the public education system in Southern Dallas County.

“Smithfield Christian Academy is absolutely #1. Our son has improved tremendously in Math and Reading since being at Smithfield.”

- Charles H

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Smithfield Learning Center, 1624 Falcon Drive, DeSoto, TX 75115





Smithfield Learning Center is a Christian comprehensive institution built upon a foundation of Biblical authority setting standards of excellence in college-preparatory courses.  Smithfield Learning Center is committed to educational studies; thus, seeking to provide tangible opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical development.


Smithfield Learning Center helps students mature and develop leadership skills, self-sufficiency, and self-discipline by providing an excellent curriculum and a campus environment that enables faculty, staff, and students to interact on a uniquely personal level.  At the core of all programs is an emphasis on developing communication and critical thinking skills.  Additionally, our school encourages the faculty and staff to serve as mentors in spiritual, personal, and professional growth.


In addition, it encourages in its students the qualities of ingenuity and entrepreneurship that contribute to free enterprise and the democratic process.  It encourages students to responsibly communicate their views, values, and beliefs in the community.


A deep faith in God is the cornerstone of Smithfield Learning Center.  We believe that no education is complete until a student understands who God is and how to relate Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.  This belief influences all we do and teach.


Furthermore, Smithfield Learning Center does not discriminate regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, or religion.