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Smithfield Learning Center

We are also available for tutoring if your child needs or would like some extra help with school work. Often students don't receive the attention they need in public schools. We can give students the extra help they need to realize their potential.


Learn more about us or stop by to visit our staff to see what makes our school so special.

A heightened learning environment

Our elementary school program includes Kindergarten through 6th grade. It is a tutoring and computer based program while the curriculum is alpha and omega, with seven different subjects and all basic and core subjects along with 7 different languages available. Our learning center has the staff and resources necessary to provide the education that your child deserves.

We take an individualized approach to teaching your child. Our school consists of only 80+ students - providing an excellent environment to learn and get state of the art education.

Find all the advantages of a private school at an affordable price.

Are you interested in providing your child with the best possible education? Enroll into our private elementary school program that's dedicated to helping your child learn as much as possible and develop the skills needed for growth.

Our approach


“Our 6th Grade son does not want to come home daily but loves school. During the summer he wants to be in school. I highly recommend Smithfield.”

- C. Hill

Early learning at its finest - at our elementary school

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Smithfield Learning Center, 1624 Falcon Drive, DeSoto, TX 75115




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